Theory vs Reality in managing a project
"Managing an IT project, web build or system integration? Lighten the load by putting War and Peace-style project management books to one side and......"
February 2016
Do you need a Religion to bind a Community?
"Is a sports ground a place of worship? 12,000 people attending a match in a ground outnumber those in a religious building, but the......"
October 2013
Democracy or Dictatorship?
"The developed world craves democracy. We are assured that if the country has problems, has civil war or a bloody uprising......."
January 2013
How can we measure pain?
"It's either physical or psychological, but either way, pain cannot be measured and only the reaction to it can be seen. Psychological pain can cause......"
November 2012
We get along, while restricted
"311 people, 326 if you include the staff, in a silver tube, travelling at 500+ mph, through the air. None of us know each other, all from......"
September 2012