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Transport Guides

This Sheffield guide was designed to contain much data, in an A2 space and be attractive and colourful. However, the information has to be legible and get the message across. Colours and images have to be juxtaposed carefully next to each other to maintain a balance.

This Northampton guide is on an A1 space and has to incorporate a town map of transport data and also service information of the buses. Multiple types of data that need to sit next to each other and again, get the information across to the user. Straight, tabular layout makes this easy on the eye.

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Bus Station Posters

This Derby Bus Station poster is one of a suite of posters that hang in the new Derby City Bus Station. The headers and footers are constant throughout and follow the corporate brand. The data contained is lengthy, but is kept simple, in tabular form so as to be easy on the eye once again.

This Preston Bus Poster uses only brand colours and again lays out the information in a very grid like structure. The tables are therefore easy to read thus delivering the data to the user effectively. This was again part of a series of guides that covered the Lancashire County area.

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Walking, Cycling and Wayfinding Maps

This Worcester City map was produced to combine both bus and cycle transport information on one product. The linear data has to take many forms to distinguish the differing methods of transport and any frequency or surface differentials.

This 'Wayfinding' map centered around Archway in London was produced to give the walker a clear idea of where they are and how to get where they want to be. Wayfinding is now found not only in transport hubs, but also in the street, making the movement from A to B, whether by public transport or foot, easier. These Wayfinding maps can be drawn with north at the base or sides of the map so as to aid travel in a southward or east/west direction respectively.

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Bus Service Maps

On this Leicester City bus map, different colours for different services give the bus operators the opportunity to brand the individual service in the same colour. This brings association between services on a printed sheet and a bus at a bus stop.

This is Oxfordshire County bus map is one of a series of county maps portraying the frequency of transport services throughout the county. It utilises primary colours to show high and low frequency so the difference is very clear. Town stamps, places of interest and a little geography combines to enhance and complete the map.

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Bus 'Spider' and Rail Maps

This 'Spider' bus map is technically a diagram rather than a map, as geography has more or less been ignored. The passenger doesn't need to know the geography to get from A to B, it is designed in a similar way to the London Underground Map. Colours and text positioning are key here.

This Oyster Rail Services map was redesigned from an existing Transport for London product. The new map shows services by rail operating company, combined with the tube, overground and DLR services. Adding simple dashes to the rail network linework gives a clear distinction between the two types of service, the tube, overground and DLR being plain. The balance, flow and overall aesthetics of the map were also enhanced in the redesign.

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