Democracy or Dictatorship?

"The developed world craves democracy. We are assured that if the country has problems, has civil war or a bloody uprising, then the democratic process will solve all. The voice of the people, with the party with the majority winning, will secure peace and prosperity.

But what if the democratically elected government is corrupt,

....fundamentalist, and bears arms against a neighbor? Is this still acceptable? Hamas represent Palestine out of Gaza and have majority backing of the people. Their violent struggle against Israel has them branded 'terrorists' by Europe, America and Japan. They are democratically elected however.

What the western world doesn't like are dictatorships it seems: Romania, Cuba, China. No elections, no voice of the people, just an ever-continuing political philosophy. This breeds misery apparently and a 'have and have not' culture. This doesn't generally breed violence against a neighbor however. Is Cuba branded a 'terrorist' or China? Would you rather visit Cuba or Gaza? The leadership's politics may not represent the people, but the people are just as proud of their country, without the need for armed aggression.

Democracy doesn't always solve a countries problems,

....and dictatorships are not always bad. It's how these countries interact with its people and the rest of the world that determine whether the leadership style: democracy or dictatorship, is acceptable."

ACL, January 2013

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