Tactile Triptych

Summer 2013

This picture, a triptych, is designed to invoke the sense of touch. The first panel is a sheet of sandpaper from a drum based floor sander and subsequently very coarse. The second is a sheet of corrugated cardboard from the Post Office, very tactile. The third is a sheet of Bacofoil, shiny and very smooth.

Each panel is 30.0cm by 20.0cm portrait, with an 8.0cm gap between each. The frames are produced from 2.0cm by 4.5cm pine batons, with the canvases stretched and secured with 3/4 inch steel tacks. The result is three different surfaces, colours and moods, displayed as one, in a picture.

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Composition XXII

Summer 2011

This is copy of a painting by dutch De Stijl painter, Theo van Doesburg. He produced it between 1920-1922 and originally used oils on canvas. I produced the copy using acrylics on canvas, the structural frame, joints and canvas all being constructed at home.

The frame is produced from 2.0cm by 4.5cm pine batons and the joints are dove-tail. The painting is 65cm square whereas the original is 45.7cm by 40.6cm landscape. The aim was to produce a completely bespoke piece of artwork, but one that would also decorate a wall.

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A Male Shoe

Autumn 1986

This drawing was produced using graphite pencils on 160gsm cartridge paper. The image is built up utilising pencils of differing hardness to achieve the tonal variations across the shoe.

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